What We Do


Our core technology is the revolutionary AICHOO software platform, which is a comprehensive, automated framework for developing, implementing and operating cognitive applications.

Its kernel (or brain) automates virtually all data analysis and data science processes, dramatically reducing the manual effort required to build and implement machine learning applications.

In addition, AICHOO is self-learning, continuously building and improving representations of all accessible data, and thus the manual effort required for ongoing maintenance is also greatly reduced.


Reduced cost to implement

Reduced time to implement

Reduced need for data science expertise


AICHOO is an ideal platform for developing vertical applications. We and our partners have developed applications such as:

Profiling customers of telecom suppliers and retail banks to enable far more effective marketing campaigns, with response rates increasing by up to 600%

In personnel recruitment and retention, automatically selecting the most suitable candidates for interview or selection, thus reducing the manual effort involved  and eliminating any inherent racial or gender bias.

With the help of our industry partners we are developing further vertical applications. Aichoo simplifies and automates development, deployment, re-usability and the updating and maintenance of machine learning applications.